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Please carefully review the information below.  This is an example of the contract you will receive.

Puppy Contract and Heath Guarantee


Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee


Dam: Blues City French Bulldogs _________________


Sire:  _______________________________________


Date of birth: ____-____-________


Seller refers to Blues City French Bulldogs


Buyer refers to_______________________________


Puppy refers to _______________________________


Deposit Paid __________


Balance Remaining __________


Buyer Responsibilities:

Provide puppy with routine preventive care, such as, but not limited to:

Annual physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian
Follow veterinarian guidelines for vaccinations and deworming understanding the possible risks associated with deviations.

Puppy must be spayed or neutered by the age of 12 months and buyer will receive limited registration certificate upon emailed / mailed proof of alteration.


Health Guarantee:

Seller guarantees that puppy is in good health, free of contagious disease and parasites, has been examined by a licensed veterinarian, and is up to date on vaccinations.

This puppy is guaranteed for one year against fatal and life altering congenital disease which adversely affect the health of the animal. This includes severe hip dysplasia, which hampers the movement of the dog and requires surgery to correct, kidney, heart, spine and liver problems of a severe life threatening or altering nature.  Secondary Veterinary consult (or necropsy) may be demanded by seller to confirm findings.  If the dog dies within this one year time frame, the buyer will pay to have it necropsied to ascertain reason.


This guarantee does not cover any eye problems.  Part of the charm of the French Bulldog is their big round bulgy eyes and squishy noses, this however does expose them to eye injury easily. Careful attention should be given to face rubbing and squinting. If you notice these behaviors or any injury to your pet, immediate medical attention should be given by your vet. Loss of eye sight or the eye itself can occur if left untreated for too long.


This guarantee does not cover contact or food allergies, damage to back and joints from jumping on and off furniture, heavy exercise, or floors without traction.


All items covered under this guarantee are by replacement only. We do not give refunds.


Buyer is responsible for transportation costs to and from the seller on a replacement puppy.

The replacement puppy will be mutually agreed upon by both parties and will be of comparable quality. It is understood that the replacement puppy may not be from the exact same parents of original puppy.

Seller will not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred. Buyer is aware that owning a puppy means trips to the veterinarian and understands that he/she will be responsible for all payments.

Buyer is aware that though French Bulldogs generally love water, they must not be allowed to play unsupervised.  Their body frame makes it hard for them to swim and they can easily drown.


Buyer agrees that if the dog is neglected, abused, bred, or relinquished for any reason to any person other than the seller, the dog may be seized at no cost to seller and the buyer will be responsible for a 3,000.00 fee for breach of contract.



Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully.


Seller Signature:_________________________________Date:__________________________


Buyer Signature:_________________________________Date:_________________________


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