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We have one precious chocolate fawn male available! See Available Puppies page. 

Blue French bulldog puppies frenchies chocolate french bulldog
Located right outside Memphis, Tennessee, we are small hobby breeders dedicated to producing happy, healthy, and outstanding quality standard, blue, and chocolate french bulldog puppies. They are raised in our home with kindness, love, compassion, Early Neurological Stimulation, and a healthy dose of socialization.
Our dogs come from highly distinguished bloodlines including those of La Monarchia-Mirabeau, Iz Russkoi Skazki, Talizman, Inki Iz Palevyh, Du Champagne, Keve-Bulls, Shark, Skywalker, Pygmalion, and De La Parure. 


Blue and Chocolate
French Bulldog Puppies

Beloved “Frenchie’s” were first bred in the 1800’s by lace makers in Nottingham, England. Their idea to create miniature bulldogs led to producing happy, lazy companions that wanted nothing more than to be near their person. Rumor has it the little chunks would even nap on the laps of their owners while they were working! When the lacers moved to France, they of course brought their little dogs along with them. The loyal clowns gained popularity among the wealthy and prestigious who in turn coined them “French Bulldogs.”
French Bulldogs come in many colors. We are most partial to variations of Fawn and Blue, but the conformation of the dog comes first. Our goal mimics the standard including a muscular dog of heavy bone, smooth coat, compact built and of small to medium structure. We breed for large heads, bat ears, short backs, correct chest, muscular legs, and tight feet… with wrinkles on top!
Our dogs come from the distinguished pedigrees including Shark, Small-Heroes, Iz Palevyh, Firefield, Skywalker, Du Champagne, Keve-Bulls, Skywalker, Pygmalion, and De La Parure.


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